Susanna Reid – The sexiest woman on TV???

by dosser on 08/09/2011

Susanna reid - sexy boots

There’s something insanely sexy about BBC Breakfast News presenter Susanna Reid. She’s very nice looking but I think the attraction lies in the fact that she comes across as very intelligent and prim and proper yet she seems to have a thing for wearing extremely sexy outfits with kinky high heels and has a habit of teasing the viewer with them, as in the pic above. I thought it was just me but looking around the web there seems to be a lot of others with the same ‘issue’!

Unfortunately I’m rarely up in time to see her on breakfast news these days!

These photos were robbed from the internet, if you’re not happy about me using them please let me know and I’ll remove them. I’m unsure if the one below is fake or not??

Susanna reid - stockings and heels

This one looks as fake as my Rolex but hey, it’s a nice pic :)

Susanna Reid - Stockings and Suspenders

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